Goldhub blog: Posts from July 2020

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Mukesh Kumar
Senior Analyst, India
World Gold Council

India’s gold market in June: Jewellery demand improved further, continued inflows into Indian gold ETFs

Jewellery demand improved further in the month but failed to recover completely due to recurring lockdowns, lower number of weddings and lack of auspicious days in the month. Bullish gold price momentum and safe-haven demand lured investors towards gold ETFs. Total holdings for Indian gold ETFs reached to 24t in June.
Juan Carlos Artigas
Global Head of Research
World Gold Council

On Twitter: Juan Carlos Artigas discusses measuring gold’s performance, in response to an earlier tweet:

@BrianFeroldi @efmacpherson @JReade_WGC agreed, tons of interesting stuff – understandably common but inaccurate way to measure/compare gold's performance, most of which we cover in 'The relevance of gold as a strategic asset':

1) As per @efmacpherson, gold and the dollar were pegged till 1971; need to disentangle that effect to go that far back; seen from the currency lens, gold has considerably outperformed fiat money