Goldhub blog: Posts from June 2019

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Adam Perlaky
Senior Analyst, Americas
World Gold Council

Gold rose over 4% last week, its largest move in over 3 years

Gold had its largest weekly move to the upside since April 2016 (LBMA 3.4%, XAU 4.3%) continuing its move higher for a fifth straight week–this was likely driven by the US dollar falling sharply (-1.4%) and the price of gold breaking out of the key technical resistance level of $1,365 (discussed in depth on Friday).
Andrew Naylor
Head of ASEAN and Public Policy
World Gold Council

Gold and Islamic finance

The Islamic finance market is now valued at more than US$2tn and growing at a rapid rate. The association between Islamic finance and gold dates back many centuries but, until recently, Islamic savers were unclear whether they could invest in gold products. In 2016, the AAOIFI Shari’ah Standard on Gold, developed in collaboration with the World Gold Council, provided the clarity that investors needed.