Johan Palmberg

Senior Quantitative Analyst World Gold Council

Markets stifled on Freedom Day

Monday, July 19 marked an eagerly anticipated milestone for the UK. ‘Freedom Day’ as it was dubbed, officially closed the chapter on over a year of local COVID-19 restrictions. But it arrived amidst soaring cases of COVID-19 worldwide – the UK included. Concern over the new variant strains has not only put a dampener on the reopening in the UK, but perhaps the global economic recovery.

Posted 2 years 4 months ago

Ray Jia

Senior Analyst, China World Gold Council

China’s gold market in June: Chinese gold ETF holdings rose despite a fall in the gold price

International gold prices fell steeply in June. The weakness in the gold price can be largely attributed to the more-hawkish-than-expected monetary-tightening signals from the US Federal Reserve’s meeting on 18 June.  But the decline in the RMB gold price was narrower than that of the USD gold price, thanks to a 1.6% depreciation in the CNY against the dollar last month. 

Posted 2 years 4 months ago