Joseph Cavatoni

Market Strategist, North America World Gold Council

Confused about owning gold in an Individual Retirement Account? Don’t be, it’s easy if you do a little homework!

When I did my own independent, online research, I found that the information available on the web can be confusing and, in many ways, misleading if not downright inaccurate. This blog is a very simple and concise summary, for anyone interested in achieving the benefits of gold in their retirement account.

Posted 5 months ago

Mukesh Kumar

Senior Analyst, India World Gold Council

India’s gold market in June: Jewellery demand improved further, continued inflows into Indian gold ETFs

Jewellery demand improved further in the month but failed to recover completely due to recurring lockdowns, lower number of weddings and lack of auspicious days in the month. Bullish gold price momentum and safe-haven demand lured investors towards gold ETFs. Total holdings for Indian gold ETFs reached to 24t in June.

Posted 3 years 7 months ago