Goldhub blog: Posts from March 2020

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Krishan Gopaul
Senior Analyst, EMEA
World Gold Council

Potential side-effects of monetary and fiscal medicine

Wishful thinking. That’s how Angel Gurría, secretary general of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), responded to any prospect of a swift economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. But the scale of the impact on the global economy – as well as our daily lives – has been matched by the scale of the financial response.

John Reade
Chief Market Strategist
World Gold Council

Heavy selling has been seen across all four precious metals this morning. Gold has dropped $50/oz and is now trading around $1477/oz.

The break of the 200 day moving average - at about $1500/oz - seems to have triggered stop-loss selling.

RSI now oversold FWIW.

Juan Carlos Artigas
Global Head of Research
World Gold Council

The Fed cuts rates, increasing gold’s allure

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) announced an emergency 50bp rate cut yesterday, bringing the Fed funds rate down to a 1-1.25% range, in response to ongoing concerns about the potential impact of the coronavirus outbreak to the global economy. Treasury bond rates followed suit, with the 10-year note hovering 1% at the time of writing – an all-time historical low

Adam Perlaky
Senior Analyst, Americas
World Gold Council

Despite last week’s selloff, market shifts could bode well for gold prices

The stock market embraced the weakest one-week performance since the financial crisis last week on the back of growing concerns of the continued spread of the coronavirus across the globe. Despite the risk off-moves, gold was lower by more than 3% last week, which is historically unusual during these types of movements. There are a few potential reasons for the weakness.