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Gold Market Commentary

Gold prices started the month on the backfoot, having fallen below US$1,850/oz at the end of September. The events in Israel in on 7 October set a rally in motion that took the US dollar price back up above US$2,000/oz by 27 October. The record-high monthly finish was mirrored in almost all other major currencies.

Monthly ETF Commentary

Outflows from physically-backed gold ETFs totalled US$2bn in October, the fifth consecutive monthly loss. Collective holdings reduced by 37t to 3,245t. but total AUM increased by 6% to US$209bn thanks to a 7% rise in the gold price during the month.

Unearthed Podcast

In the latest episode of "Unearthed," hosts John Reade and Joe Cavatoni dive into the pressing question: Why are central banks stocking up on gold? 

Gold: For the Future

Learn why gold is a strategic asset for the future's many possibilities



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