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As a leading organisation in the gold industry, we’re committed to shaping the conversation around gold and creating a brighter future for all.

Gold and ESG

Leading by example

World Gold Council members commit to enhanced supply-chain transparency

Responsible Gold Mining

Ensuring high ESG standards across the gold supply chain

Gold and Climate Change

Analysing gold’s relationship with climate change

Gold’s Contribution to Society

Understanding gold’s role in socio-economic development

Our Documentary Series

GOLD: A Journey With Idris Elba

Join Idris Elba to discover the human story of gold – how it has shaped us, and our world. 


Central Banks

Data on central bank gold holdings, sales and purchases, as well as insights

Demand and Supply

Data on sectors of gold demand, supply, productions costs and futures market positioning

Price and Premium

Benchmark gold prices, gold futures curves and local price premium/discount

Performance Metrics

Returns, volatility, correlations and trading volumes for gold, bonds, equities and other major asset classes

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Monthly ETF Commentary

Global gold ETFs saw a net outflow of US$920mn in November, significantly narrower than October (-US$2bn). North America led global inflows while Europe continued to witness sizable outflows in the month.

Gold Market Commentary

Gold prices started the month on the backfoot, having fallen below US$1,850/oz at the end of September. The events in Israel in early October set a rally in motion that took the US dollar price back up above US$2,000/oz by 27 October. The record-high monthly finish was mirrored in almost all other major currencies.