China’s gold market in April: wholesale demand down but gold reserves rose for the sixth consecutive month

Key highlights:

  • The LBMA Gold Price AM in USD rose by 0.2% in April while the Shanghai Gold Benchmark PM (SHAUPM) in RMB saw a 0.7% gain, due mainly to a depreciating RMB against the USD 
  • The average Shanghai-London gold price premium fell sharply in April amid easing local supply and demand conditions


Central banks show little sign of buyer fatigue in February

Central bank gold buying momentum showed no signs of stalling in February. Reported global gold reserves rose by 52t during the month – the eleventh consecutive month of net purchases – following January's 74t. 1 This excludes updated data for Russia (more on that below), but still maintains the upward trend (based on the 12-month moving average) since June 2022.