This increased emphasis reflects growing pressure for businesses to actively monitor and manage ESG risks. It also supports the position that good ESG performance can lead to better long-term financial performance. The shift towards greater integration of ESG objectives within investment strategies has important implications for gold, can play a role in supporting ESG goals and managing associated risks within a portfolio. Of course, the gold itself should have been responsibly produced and responsibly sourced.

Gold as a responsible and sustainable investment

The gold industry has put standards in place that can give investors confidence that gold has been responsible mined and responsibly sourced. The Responsible Gold Mining Principles were developed to address all the material ESG risks associated with gold mining; and the Responsible Gold Guidance is followed by all LBMA accredited refiners to ensure that they have appropriate responsible sourcing procedures in place. The gold industry also plays an important role in advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Furthermore, gold within a balanced portfolio has a role to play in reducing investor exposure to climate-related risks.

Gold and ESG – the most commonly asked questions

In our conversations with investors we are often asked about how the gold they buy has been responsibly sourced, the positive contribution gold mining can have on host countries and gold’s role within a portfolio from a climate perspective.

In this video series, with the help of our Members and experts, we answer the most commonly asked questions.

Gold & ESG: Key Consideration

Responsible Gold Mining Principles

Gold and Climate Change

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining (ASGM)

Diversity and Inclusion