Goldhub blog: Posts from November 2019

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Ray Jia
Senior Analyst, China
World Gold Council

China’s gold market soft in October

  • The Shanghai Gold Benchmark price fell slightly in October as the appreciating USDCNY offset the rise in US dollar-denominated gold price. This pushed the local gold price to a discount, the first in 12 months
  • Impacted by the weak performances of CNY-denominated gold prices, speculative demand dropped further. Trading volume of Au9999 continued its decline during the month on weaker physical gold demand
  • During the first ten months of 2019, China’s gold imports dropped by 41% y-o-y
  • Three new gold-backed ETFs were approved in October, raising the total number of gold-backed ETF products in China to seven
  • The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) didn’t purchase any gold in October, leaving its gold reserves at 1,948t.
Louise Street
Senior Markets Analyst
World Gold Council

Retail gold insights 2019

Today we’ve published our Retail gold insights 2019 report, a thematic analysis of our new consumer research survey. With a base of 18,000 participants across India, China, Russia, Germany, the US and Canada, we believe it is the largest ever consumer survey on the global gold market.