Goldhub blog: Posts from August 2019

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Ray Jia
Research Manager
World Gold Council

Au(T+D)’s trading volume edged closer to new record in July

  • Chinese gold prices rose modestly in July 
  • Au(T+D)’s trading volume in July extended its June surge
  • The local gold premium saw a much lower volatility 
  • Imports registered another decline, dropping to 55t in July
  • Gold withdrawals from Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) experienced the first rise in four months 
  • The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) added another 10t to its gold reserves
Charlie Morris
Head of Multi-Asset
Atlantic House Fund Management

How I value gold

Many investors buy gold instinctively, as a long-term store of value. Charlie Morris, Head of Multi-Asset at UK investment manager Atlantic House Fund Management, has devised a more conventional way of assessing gold – using a tried and tested model. 

Krishan Gopaul
Market Intelligence Group
World Gold Council

Brexit boost for UK gold-backed ETFs

The inhabitants of the UK are surrounded. There’s no escape. Brexit is everywhere you turn. News broadcasts, front pages, dinner conversations, everywhere.  Over three years (and counting) since the result, Brexit uncertainty remains a persistent part of the UK way of life and at the forefront of investors’ minds. 

Madame Wu, Xiaoling
Chairwoman of the Board of the PBC School of Finance (PBCSF)
Tsinghua University

Driving China’s gold market

Madame Wu Xiaoling, Chairwoman of the Board of the PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University and former Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China, believes that gold has a crucial role to play in China’s continuing development and the internationalisation of the RMB.