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    Juan Carlos Artigas joined the World Gold Council (WGC) in 2009 and is the Global Head of Research. He and his team focus on developing timely insights on the gold market including drivers of demand, supply, and performance as well as key attributes of gold as an investment and its role in investor portfolios. 

    During his tenure, Juan Carlos has reshaped the organization’s approach to research through robust and comprehensive financial analysis incorporating findings from gold physical and derivatives markets and their link to macroeconomic and geopolitical dynamics. This perspective has informed the development of WGC’s Gold Valuation Framework, an academically validated methodology for understanding gold performance.

    Previously, Juan Carlos worked at JPMorgan Securities as a US and Emerging Markets fixed income strategist. In this role, he developed sovereign- and corporate-debt valuation frameworks and contributed to leading US and Emerging Markets financial publications.

    Juan Carlos holds a BS in Actuarial Sciences from ITAM (Mexico) and an MBA and MS in Statistics from the University of Chicago. He was also a candidate for Doctor of Philosophy in Econometrics and Statistics from the University of Chicago.