Determine gold’s implied returns under a range of scenarios. Our interactive, web-based tool makes understanding gold’s performance easier and more intuitive. 

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Portfolio Simulator

Analyse the performance of hypothetical portfolios — or model an approximate version of your own — using major asset classes including gold.

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Gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between the gold price and its key drivers with our Gold Return Attribution Model (GRAM).


Supporting Data Sets

These statistics cover ETF and central bank holdings, data on the attitudes of central banks, as well as a breakdown of the above-ground stock of gold.

Gold Prices

A long-term time series of the gold price in a range of currencies from 1978. 

Global Gold-Backed ETF Holdings And Flows

An analysis of gold-backed ETFs global outflows and inflows, alongside global gold ETF holdings.

Monthly Central Bank Statistics

A time series of official holdings including an attribution of sales under the Central Bank Gold Agreement (CBGA).

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