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When is a good time to buy gold in Australia?

Determining the value of gold can at times make potential investors hesitant. Unable to judge what the price might do, reduces confidence in making an informed decision. Recently, gold in Australian Dollars (AUD) reached its highest ever price and breached A$3,000. While dipping slightly by the end of the first half of 2023, when is the right time to buy, or even increase, a gold allocation into a portfolio?

Posted 5 months ago

Joseph Cavatoni

Market Strategist, North America World Gold Council

Confused about owning gold in an Individual Retirement Account? Don’t be, it’s easy if you do a little homework!

When I did my own independent, online research, I found that the information available on the web can be confusing and, in many ways, misleading if not downright inaccurate. This blog is a very simple and concise summary, for anyone interested in achieving the benefits of gold in their retirement account.

Posted 5 months ago

Jeremy De Pessemier

Asset Allocation Strategist World Gold Council

Bonds en vogue, but gold never out of style

We’re delighted to contribute another thought-leader article published in Financial Investigator’s highly regarded magazine. In their September issue, we review the notion that whilst bonds may be en vogue, gold never goes out of style. The article supports our ongoing belief that gold has a key role to play as a strategic long-term investment and mainstay allocation within a well-diversified portfolio.

Posted 5 months 1 week ago

Ray Jia

Research Head, China World Gold Council

The time may be right for gold in Japanese investors’ portfolios

Expectations for the end of the BoJ’s negative policy rate intensified

The BoJ relaxed its yield curve control (YCC) program in late July. Governor Ueda’s first surprise move since taking the wheel: he effectively doubled the YCC’s upper limit to 1%, while keeping the policy rate unchanged at -0.1%. This led to surges in both the 10-year JGB yield and its volatility. 

Posted 5 months 2 weeks ago

World Gold Council

The experts on gold

Australian investors are de-risking: bonds en vogue, but gold never goes out of style

Amid economic uncertainty Australian investors have, so far this year, been reallocating to fixed income assets. Although currently attractive, persistent inflationary pressure can bring risks to both the growth outlook and return for these assets. Gold should be considered as a long-term strategic asset alongside bonds as it provides excellent returns in a wide range of economic scenarios.

Posted 6 months ago

Adam Webb

Director of Mine Supply Metals Focus

Gold miners’ average AISC resumes rising trend in Q1’23 and reaches a new record high

Costs in the gold mining industry resumed their upward trajectory in the first quarter of this year. This followed a short-lived break in Q4’22, when gold miners’ average all-in sustaining costs (AISC) had fallen by 1% q/q. Prior to this, costs had risen for the past three consecutive quarters, stretching back to Q1’22.

Posted 7 months 3 weeks ago