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Isabelle Strauss-Kahn
Former Lead Financial Officer
The World Bank

Understanding the gold lending market

The Guidance Paper on Gold Deposit Rates, recently released by the World Gold Council provides all the clues to understanding and grasping the functioning of the market and the different factors which drive the gold lease rates.
Mukesh Kumar
Market Intelligence Group
World Gold Council

India’s gold market in August: Indian imports hit nine-month high but retail demand remained weak

Demand for safe haven assets and strong year-to-date performance, coupled with the price correction likely seen by investors as a buying opportunity, supported gold ETF flows. On the other hand, retail gold demand weakened as consumers waited on the sidelines following a sharp correction in the domestic gold price amid rising COVID-19 cases.
Krishan Gopaul
Market Intelligence Group
World Gold Council

Greater transparency on gold holdings in London

The gold market has continued to take steps towards greater transparency by improving the availability and accessibility of data. Today, another step forward is taken as the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the Bank of England, and the commercial vaults have announced they will now be publishing gold and silver holdings within the vaults in London with a one-month lag, compared to the previous three month lag.
Charles Crowson
Portfolio Manager
RWC Partners

The role of gold in a volatile world

RWC Partners is an investment management firm that specialises in helping clients to meet long-term financial needs. The group’s Diversified Return Fund aims to diversify investors’ holdings by providing defensive, uncorrelated returns. Here portfolio manager Charles Crowson and fund manager Clark Fenton explain the role of gold within this Fund.