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Qixiu Tay
Manager, Central Banks & Public Policy
World Gold Council

Introducing our Central Bank Dashboard

The World Gold Council is launching the Central Bank Dashboard, an innovative web-based tool that allows the comparison of central bank gold reserve holdings across regions, income levels, foreign exchange arrangement and other qualitative and quantitative indicators.

The Central Bank Dashboard provides users with the flexibility to visualise trends in gold and foreign exchange reserve holdings across a multitude of vantage points. 

Andrew Naylor
Head of ASEAN and Public Policy
World Gold Council

Basel III and the Gold Market

As Basel III comes into force, we look at the impact of the Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) on the gold market.

There has been much debate about the implications of Basel III on the bullion industry. What is clear is that the under the current rules the cost to banks of holding gold on balance sheet will increase – the NSFR requires 85% of required stable funding. 

Bharat Iyer
Research Associate
World Gold Council

Short-term gold performance model: how it works and why it matters

Our short-term gold performance model enables investors to dissect monthly gold returns into key drivers of investment demand. Different estimation windows provide additional insights on the varying influence of drivers over time. During May, our model shows gold’s performance was only modestly impacted by rates but they still remain a relevant driver this year.
Louise Street
Senior Markets Analyst
World Gold Council

Inflation-wary German investors continue to eye gold

Investor confidence in Germany recently jumped to a 21-year high, cheered by an acceleration of the domestic coronavirus vaccine programme and concomitant slowing of the domestic third wave of coronavirus. But while optimism for an economic upturn runs high, it brings with it growing fears of rising prices among inflation-wary German investors.
Adam Perlaky
Senior Analyst, Americas
World Gold Council

Time to realise gold’s true volatility

The volatility of numerous assets has shifted along with the performance of gold, which has recently rebounded to nearly flat on the year. Given this shift, we consider it important to assess the current gold market conditions from a volatility and derivatives perspective, along with what technical charts are suggesting about where gold could move in the near- and long-term. We believe that regardless of an investor’s gold sentiment, the following conditions are present and create an opportunity:

Hannah Brandstaetter
ESG Programme Director
World Gold Council

Improving healthcare and providing economic growth opportunities in Ghana – Golden Star explains how

We’ve had an opportunity to speak to Philipa Varris, Executive Vice President, Head of Sustainability at Golden Star to dig deep into the company’s achievements when it comes to contributing to SDG 3 (Good Health) and SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth).

Inflation and Interest Rates: Impact on the Markets and Gold

With inflation and interest rates increasingly top of mind for investors, the World Gold Council, in partnership with State Street Global Advisors, invited renowned financial author and historian James Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer to share his perspectives on the direction of monetary policy and implications for gold and the broader markets.