Krishan Gopaul

Senior Analyst, EMEA

World Gold Council

Krishan joined the World Gold Council in early 2011, and works within the Research team. He has previously held positions at Barclays Global Investors, Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of New York Mellon, focusing on investment and market data analysis for both asset management and servicing.

Krishan has a Bachelor’s degree (with honours) in Economics from the University of Essex, and a Masters in Finance from the London School of Economics.

European investors face more asset allocation challenges in 2022

Since the Global Financial Crisis, it has been a turbulent ride for investors the world over. Europe has certainly been no exception: investors in the region have had to adapt to a high-risk environment. And as COVID-19 has introduced a new set of challenges to portfolio construction and return generation, robust risk management strategies are a top priority; wealth protection is as important as growth.