About Goldhub

Goldhub brings together data, research and tools for investors who are interested in gold as an asset class. Reliable data is critical to investors making informed investment decisions.

We apply a high standard to our data. If we outsource the production of data – as we do with our supply and demand series – we go through a vetting process to ensure the data we supply to the market is as accurate as possible. If we collate the data ourselves – as we do with gold ETF holdings, central bank reserves, gold prices and gold's performance analytics – we follow a comprehensive process to ensure our gold data is as accurate as possible.

Across all data sets, we strive for transparency. Each data series comes with a methodology note explaining the data production framework.

Goldhub is an initiative of the World Gold Council, the market development organisation for the gold industry. Our members are the world’s largest and most forward-thinking gold mining companies.

Please carefully read the Terms And Conditions and legal disclosures before using any of the information on GoldHub.