About Qaurum SM

Qaurum is an interactive tool that makes understanding gold performance easier and more intuitive. Powered by the World Gold Council’s proprietary Gold Valuation Framework (GVF) methodology, Qaurum enables investors to determine gold’s implied returns under a range of economic scenarios based on the principles of demand and supply equilibrium.


'Q' for quantitative + 'Aurum' - Latin for gold

How it Works

  1. Choose Your Scenario
    Select a hypothetical macroeconomic scenario provided by Oxford Economics or customise your own.
  2. Generate Supply and Demand Forecasts
    View the impact of key variables on the gold market.
  3. Calculate Implied Returns
    Finally, calculate the implied returns that ensure annual demand and supply remain in the equilibrium.

Key Benefits

Built by gold industry experts

Better historical modelling accuracy resulting from an academically-validated, robust framework and informed by independent economic scenarios.

Captures gold’s uniqueness

Models impact of gold fabrication, investment and production on performance.

Enables better investment decisions

Delivers a holistic understanding of gold behavior, allowing for meaningful asset comparisons.

Want to know more?

Read these papers to find out more about Qaurum.


About Oxford Economics: 

Oxford Economics is a leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis, and specialises in modelling. Headquartered in Oxford and, with offices around the world, Oxford Economics employs 400 staff, including over 250 economists and analysts – making them the largest, independent forecasters. Their fully-integrated and transparent Global Economic Model provides a rigorous and consistent framework that enables them to evaluate the effects of different assumptions on the global economy.