Our history timeline


Launched LMEprecious reinvigorating the London gold market

Launched the SPDR® Long Dollar Gold Trust ETF (GLDW)


Collaborated with the Shanghai Gold Exchange on the launch of the Shanghai Gold Benchmark

Executive Programme in Reserve Asset Management at University of Cambridge Judge Business School


Announced partnership with Shanghai Gold Exchange to develop the Shanghai Free Trade Zone


Launch Singapore Gold Kilobar Contract in collaboration with the Singapore Exchange

Steered the signing of the fourth Central Bank Gold Agreement

Convened cross-industry workshops on the modernisation of the London Gold Fix


Launched LoveGold jewellery marketing in the digital age

Launched Gold for Health film and campaign on World Malaria Day

Inaugural Executive Programme in Reserve Asset Management at University of California Berkeley - educating a new generation of central bankers

Published first series of reports detailing gold's socio-economic contribution


Launched Azva in India - elevating the wedding market

Publication of the Conflict Free Gold Standard


Launched first Chinese gold investment gifting bar with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Publication of Gold: The hidden element in innovation - highlighting gold's role in advanced technologies


Announced investment in online gold platform BullionVault

Announced the first Gold Accumulation Plan in China with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China - has attracted over 14 million accounts

Announced strategic partnership with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to further develop China's gold market


Aram Shishmanian appointed as CEO


Announced India Post gold coin scheme

Launched Gold Expressions in Japan and Russia


Launched Only Gold jewellery marketing campaign in US, China and Italy

Launched coin programme with Dubai Multi Commodities Centre in Dubai

Launched the Reliance pure gold coin in India


Launched Gold Investment Bars in China


Launched Gold Accumulation Plan in Vietnam

Launched Utilise Gold online platform to encourage wider usage of gold as a technical material

Launched Gold Pension and Inheritance initiative in Japan


Launched Gold Expressions Italian Jewellery collection

Sponsored prototypes demonstrating gold as a catalyst and anti-pollutant

Launched GLD - attracted US$1 billion dollars in investment in its first three days of trading


Launched Gold Bullion Securities ETF in London

Launched K-Gold in China - paler, 18k gold to appeal to millenials


Trading commenced on the Shanghai Gold Exchange

James Burton appointed as CEO

Publication of Deregulation of gold in India


Establishment of the China Gold Association

Abolition of China's retail price controls


Secured the Washington Gold Agreement (the first Central Bank Gold Agreement) as an enduring commitment - stabilising gold sales

Joint publication, with China's State Development Research Centre, of Opening China's gold market in a new era: Related policy research and suggestions, proposing liberalisation of the country's gold market


Published China's Gold Market: Reform and Opening up - Some Basic Thoughts and Suggested Directions


Haruko Fakuda appointed as CEO

Launched first corporate website

Facilitated meetings between gold miners and central banks at World Economic Forum (Davos)


Market reform package presented to People's Bank of China


Convened Gold Economic Conference in Delhi


Launched Gold Economics Service


World Gold Jewellery Fair Japan

Launched new investment publications: World Gold Report and bi-monthly Gold Review


Launched Gold Accumulation Plan with Tanaka in Japan


World Gold Council formed with E.M. Hood as CEO

Sources: World Gold Council; Disclaimer