Regional Diversity of Gold Demand

Gold is a precious metal bought by people across the world for different reasons, often influenced by socio-cultural factors, market conditions, and macro-economic drivers in their country.

Gold Market Structure and Flows

This set of infographics details the sources of gold supply and demand, demonstrating the structure and flows of the global gold market.

How Gold is Mined: The Lifecycle

Gold mining is a far longer, more complex process than most would think — on average, it takes between 10-20 years before a mine is even ready to produce material that can be refined. Find out more about this process here.

Yanacocha Mine, Peru, Newmont

Gold Mining

Gold Mining describes the process of extracting ore – metal-rich rock – from the earth’s crust. Find out more about gold mining and the geological processes involved here.

Meadowbank Complex, Nunavut Territory, Canada, Agnico Eagle