An animated look at the gold supply chain


Like demand for gold, the supply of gold is also truly global. Gold is mined on every continent except Antarctica, refined into bars and coins in numerous countries, and uses complex and highly secure distribution channels to meet that demand. To help people better understand how gold goes from the ground to the market, we have produced a short animation which you can watch below.

We have produced this in response to increased attention the gold supply chain has received this year. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the global response to it, has applied pressure on the gold supply chain like never before, something we have explored previously.

If you want to find out more about gold supply, you will find plenty of useful information on our website. We have also produced two gold market primers which specifically focus on the two main sources of supply: mine production and recycling. And, as always, you can read about the latest developments in the supply of gold in our Gold Demand Trends report.