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Gold mid-year outlook 2018

Published 19th July 2018

Gold rose by more than 4% in the first few months of 2018, only to finish June down by the same amount. Gold’s price momentum and investor positioning in derivatives markets accelerated this descent, but we believe that there may be reasons to be optimistic. Key macroeconomic trends developing in second half of 2018 may spur investor demand and opportunistic buying.

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Published 17th May 2018

Gold 2048 brings together industry-leading experts from across the globe to analyse how the gold market is set to evolve in the next 30 years with key insights from authors such as George Magnus, senior economist; Rick Lacaille, Global Chief Investment Officer of State Street Global Advisors; and Michelle Ash, Chief Innovation Officer at Barrick Gold.

Published 27th February 2018

The strong gold price performance was a positive for investors and producers, and was symptomatic of a more profound shift in sentiment: a growing recognition of gold’s role as a wealth preservation and risk mitigation tool. This goes to the heart of our strategy to make gold a mainstream asset.

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Published 15th February 2018

India, a nation that accounts for around a fifth of annual global gold demand, has a long history of gold-focused policies. These, however, have often distorted the market rather than achieving policymakers’ aims. Announcements in the Union Budget on 1 February 2018, however, suggest this might change.

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Published 13th February 2018

The World Gold Council is pleased to announce the release of its "Guidance for Monetary Authorities on the recommended practice in accounting for monetary gold".

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Published 13th February 2018

Ezechiel Copic, Director, Central Banks and Public Policy in conversation with Kenneth Sullivan, author of the new report Guidance for Monetary Authorities on the recommended practice in accounting for monetary gold on why the World Gold Council commissioned this guidance and how it can benefit monetary authorities.

Published 30th January 2018

Natalie Dempster, Managing Director, Central Banks & Public Policy at the World Gold Council in conversation with Will Jackson-Moore, Global Private Equity & Sovereign Investment Fund Leader at PwC on gold and alternative asset classes for Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Published 27th September 2017

Sovereign wealth funds, like many other investors, are under pressure to generate returns in a low-yield, low growth environment. Many are expanding into alternative assets to seek growth and income opportunities. Despite this, few sovereign wealth funds have invested in gold due to ongoing misconceptions about gold’s performance, financial behaviour, and liquidity.

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