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Gold Market Commentary: What’s the bull case at an ATH?

March review: Gold had a strong March as futures investors, green shoots from US gold ETFs and Geopolitical risk helped drive prices to new all-time highs. Looking Forward: Gold ETF investors have catching up to do in an under-owned market while Indian elections will likely stall local demand in April.

Gold ETF Flows: March 2024

Global gold ETFs lost US$823mn in March, extending their losing streak to ten months. But outflows narrowed significantly compared to previous months as inflows into North America (+US$360mn) and Asia (+US$217mn) cushioned European losses (-US$1.4bn).

Gold Demand Trends: Full Year 2023

Another year of blistering central bank buying, together with resilient jewellery consumption, offset substantial annual ETF outflows. Sizable OTC investment was evident in gold’s price strength last year.

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