The Super Retirement Approach

Over two thirds (69%) of Australians with a superannuation fund (“Super”) feel optimistic about their future, though almost half (44%) acknowledge that they might need to make sacrifices to meet their desired retirement lifestyle. These were some of the findings of a survey commissioned by World Gold Council (WGC) to gain greater insight of Australians’ approach to, understanding of, and sentiment towards, financial planning for retirement.

Why gold in 2024? Safeguarding Indian portfolios

Upbeat growth prospects for the global economy, led by the US are cause for optimism in the financial markets. However, challenges and risks prevail. As such, we believe that investors should look closely at the benefits gold can bring to their portfolios.

Gold Outlook 2024

As we look forward to 2024, we explore three economic scenarios and their likely impact on gold. Historically, gold has had a flat performance during consensus-favoured ‘soft landings’; however, geopolitical risks, central bank buying and the spectre of a recession may provide additional support for gold.

Investment Update: The Case for Gold in UK DB Pension Schemes

With the rapid growth in funding ratios over the past two years, an increasing number of UK defined benefit (DB) pension schemes have been contemplating their investment approach for the endgame – the point at which a plan moves from being underfunded to being fully funded or even having a surplus.

This transition has a number of investment implications. In this paper, we examine how pension schemes can seek to maintain the ground they’ve gained over the recent past, as one of the driving forces behind the rise in interest rates and improved funding status – inflation – has become a source of asset price volatility.

Gold Market Primer: Market size and structure

Gold is an attractive means of helping investors diversify their portfolios. Its relative scarcity supports its long-term investment appeal. But its market size is large enough to make it relevant for a wide variety of investors, from individuals to institutions and central banks.