Investment Update: The Case for Gold in UK DB Pension Schemes

With the rapid growth in funding ratios over the past two years, an increasing number of UK defined benefit (DB) pension schemes have been contemplating their investment approach for the endgame – the point at which a plan moves from being underfunded to being fully funded or even having a surplus.

This transition has a number of investment implications. In this paper, we examine how pension schemes can seek to maintain the ground they’ve gained over the recent past, as one of the driving forces behind the rise in interest rates and improved funding status – inflation – has become a source of asset price volatility.

2022 Chinese gold jewellery market insights

The notable rebound in Q3 Chinese gold jewellery demand from the COVID-stricken Q2 and easing COVID restrictions paints a bright picture for the future. And our third annual gold jewellery retailer survey with China Gold News suggest that opportunities abound.