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  • Gold demand strides confidently into 2019 – up 5% year-on-year.
  • Gold demand strides confidently into 2019 – up 5% year-on-year.

    2 May, 2019

    Published today, Gold Demand Trends – the definitive market source for global gold demand data – uncovers the key trends in the gold market during Q1 and shines a light on the supporting cast of smaller markets.

    Q1 2019 top movers and shakers:

    1. Central banks: continued to buy gold at the fastest pace for the last 50 years, prizing its combination of diversification, liquidity and safety
    2. ETF investors: faced with unsettling geopolitical uncertainty and low interest rates, investors in US and Europe made hefty additions to their gold-backed ETF holdings 
    3. Indian jewellery buyers: a steep drop in the local gold price coincided with the wedding season and sparked a flurry of gold buying 
    4. Japanese bar and coin investors: profit-taking was the order of the day as the yen gold price rallied sharply through the first six weeks of the quarter
    5. Chinese gold consumers: still by far the largest global buyers of jewellery, bars and coins, but Q1 demand faded slightly as gold was overshadowed by surging stock markets and international trade conflict.

    Read about these and the key factors shaping global gold demand in Q1.