Our central banks programme provides authoritative research, key statistical data, insightful commentary from trusted external experts, as well as education and training on the gold market to help stakeholders navigate changes and make informed decisions about using gold to meet reserve management, investment, or policy portfolio objectives.

Our work with central banks is centred on three pillars:

Engaging: We engage bilaterally with central banks and official sector investors, providing information and training on the gold market. We also organise gold training programmes exclusively for official institutions.

Informing: We are thought leaders on the gold market, providing research and insight into how gold matters for official institutions. This includes central bank surveys and research that focuses on the needs of official institutions.

Leading: We lead initiatives that provide guidance and clarity on gold matters for the official sector, including our Guidance on Accounting for Monetary Gold, Guidance on Domestic Purchase Programmes, or our previous work on the Central Bank Gold Agreement.

A Central Banker’s Guide to Gold as a Reserve Asset

We publish a compendium of all relevant information on gold as a reserve asset, available here.

Official Gold Holdings

Download the most up to date information available on the official gold holdings of 126 countries in the Official holdings section.