Following today’s announcement by the European Central Bank (ECB) that the Central Bank Gold Agreement (CBGA) won’t be renewed for a fifth time, Natalie Dempster, Managing Director, Central Banks & Public Policy, responded with the following comment:

 “There has been a sea change in central banks’ attitudes toward gold since the financial crisis, and today’s announcement from the ECB is yet another sign of that. Last year, central banks bought more gold than at any time under the existing international monetary system. That buying has continued to accelerate this year, fuelled by heightened geopolitical and economic risks associated with other reserve assets and negative real and nominal interest rates. Compound that with fears of debt monetisation arising from record high budget deficit levels and currency wars and gold looks like a very attractive reserve asset. It’s the only reserve asset that has no political risk and you can’t print more of. Europe itself is now a net buyer of gold, so a sales agreement is no longer needed.
“This is a major endorsement of gold’s role in global monetary reserves.“

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