World Gold Council predicts six key trends for gold jewellery in 2011


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Vicenza Fair, the international gold and jewellery show where merchants, buyers and trade press meet the global jewellery community, inaugurates the worldwide calendar for gold. Having viewed the collections at the show, the World Gold Council now predicts that the following six new influential trends will be seen in the worldwide gold jewellery industry this year:

Gold - the New Jewel

Gold, the ever-precious commodity, was extensively presented at Vicenza Fair as the ‘jewel’ that elevates a piece to iconic status. The incorporation of gold into primarily wood or ceramic pieces, by designers including Micheletto and Vendorafa, was both eye-catching and utterly modern. A gold chain nestled amongst silver was shown at SuperOro – bold, bright and raising the bar. Gold presented in this way raises a fashion piece to a higher plane, adding an edge to the extraordinary heritage of gold.

Precious & Delicate

The preciousness of gold also found expression at Vicenza Fair in beautiful pieces, as delicate as they are desirable. High carat, slim chains were shown, which were elegant and classic, while Nanis’s “Petites” collection presented tiny gold charms. Precious gold details on pieces sparkled like gems, using diamond-cut techniques to catch the light and the eye.

Openwork & Weaving

Expert craftsmanship on show at Vicenza Fair showed how gold electroforming has been taken to a new level. Designers including Tre Spighe and Graziella, showed bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that demonstrated a level of detail in gold jewellery which previously was only possible to achieve through hand-carving. Delicate, spidery, skeletal structures weaved through designs – pieces that expressed the beauty of the gold via the most intricate of execution.

Texture & Colour

Hammered, diamond-cut and silk finishes created texture and interest – often combining in one piece with beautiful effect. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold were combined by designers including Damiani, for opulent pieces; ranging from the young and fun, to the rich and classic.

Shapes of the Season

Gold hearts, pebbles, stars, seashells and flowers peppered pieces by Il Giglio, Sade and others. The Gold Expressions 2011 ‘Opulent Organics’ theme found further expression throughout the industry at Vicenza Fair. Smaller details were complemented with bolder shapes – with coils a recurring theme throughout many collections.

Personal Expression

Expert gold craftsmanship found expression in increasingly versatile pieces, such as reversible designs; pieces that work with or without attachments to add interest to length or width. Customisable gold, by designers including Neri Romualdo, Chimento and Mattioli offered versatility, modernity and the power of personal expression.

“Vicenza Fair showcases jewels which simply could not be created anywhere else. It was fascinating to present our Gold Expressions 2011 collection to such an expert audience, and to be inspired by their collections in return. We look forward to seeing the continuing innovation of gold jewellery around the world in 2011” says David Lamb, Managing Director for Jewellery at the World Gold Council.

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