The World Gold Council hosts second annual seminar on wire bonding for semiconductor industry professionals at SEMICON China 2011


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Gold remains the most widely used bonding wire material in chip packaging

At an educational training workshop held at SEMICON China 2011, which focussed on best practice in wire bonding technology, industry professionals discussed the latest developments in bonding wire materials.

The seminar was sponsored by the World Gold Council and is part of the organisation’s Sure Connect initiative, which supports reliable interconnection in semiconductor packaging. Each year millions of electronic devices trust in gold bonding wire to deliver reliable performance.

Dr Richard Holliday, Director, Technology, at the World Gold Council, commented:
“Gold wire bonding remains the industry standard for high reliability interconnection in the electronics industry. Through this seminar we wanted to help the industry understand how gold can be utilised as a cost effective choice in many applications as well as educate and inform engineers about design considerations for cost effective wire usage and critical material selection issues.

“Whilst some people in the industry believe a move to copper wire bonding is an easy, automatic choice, this is not the case. The feedback we received at this seminar confirmed that there are still serious concerns over the use of copper, such that this is a critical issue for the industry.

“A 2010 SEMI survey showed that semiconductor companies have serious reservations about the impact of copper on product reliability and manufacturing productivity.”

To view the survey please download the pdf Europe_SEMI_pr.pdf

The seminar was organised by ProMat Consultants and ComSol Consulting, based in Singapore, in conjunction with the World Gold Council.

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