World Gold Council announces 2011 gold jewelry trends at the JCK show in Las Vegas

The World Gold Council reveals its US Gold Trend Collection for 2011 at this week’s annual Jewelers’ Circular Keystone (JCK) show in Las Vegas. The trends, grouped in six categories, range from the dainty and delicate to the bold and ground-breaking. The collection highlights the inventiveness and high levels of craftsmanship of today’s designers that help build on the allure and preciousness of gold jewelry, making it more desirable than ever.

“As the craftsman’s oldest, most precious metal, gold’s combination of purity and performance both inspire and enable innovation in the world of jewelry design,” said David Lamb, Managing Director, Jewelry, World Gold Council. “Whether a grand expressive statement or the symbol of a personal memory, gold jewelry creates a deep emotional connection with the wearer that continually drives its strong demand worldwide.”

The World Gold Council’s six Gold Trend Collection categories, being showcased at this week’s JCK, feature a variety of stunning gold pieces that highlight the precious metal’s ability to be at the cutting edge of fashion, while always remaining relevant.

Taking cues from prevailing fashion trends as well as consumer purchasing behavior, these categories are inspired by, but also meant to complement, the best fashion of 2011. These six categories were selected by style influencers and key fashion and jewelry trade editors based on the trends for this year, including bold patterns, a brighter color palette, feminine dresses, metallic tops and muted trousers, to name a few, that sashayed down the runway. The Gold Trend Collection categories include:

  • Architectural (Structured pieces with geometric shapes, angles and sculptural designs)
  • Organic (Uncontrived and nature-inspired)
  • Bold Cuffs & Rings (Chunky, eye catching pieces that demand attention)
  • Statement Earrings (Stand-alone pieces making a big impact, keeping the focus on the face)
  • Symbolic (Meaningful and representative designs with hidden messages, secret meanings and talismans)
  • Small & Intimate (Delicate and dainty designs – perfect finishing touches for the elaborate and ornate embellishments in fashion today)

Gold’s physical beauty and malleability make it the ultimate creative medium, inspiring designers worldwide for centuries. Continuous investment in quality craftsmanship and design innovation will only strengthen the intrinsic value of gold jewelry and continue to drive its demand among future generations.

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