First gold-based emissions control technology in commercial production

First gold-based emissions control technology in commercial production with potential to reduce emissions by up to 30%

The World Gold Council provides further support to Nanostellar, the developer of the technology

Nanostellar Inc., a Silicon Valley developer of advanced materials, has completed the commercialisation of a gold-based catalyst, NS Gold™, which is now in production with one of the four largest European diesel car manufacturers. The World Gold Council has provided an additional investment which will help the company to accelerate wider commercial adoption of NS Gold™.

The inclusion of gold in this technology provides significant benefits for diesel vehicle manufacturers, providing emission reductions of up to 30%, manufacturing cost reductions, or alternatively improved fuel economy. Catalytic converters in cars and trucks use precious metals, such as platinum, to catalyse the oxidation of harmful by-products in the engine exhaust, and thereby reduce noxious emissions. The potential to use gold in this type of application has long been considered by the industry, but until Nanostellar’s breakthrough the technical challenges concerning catalyst durability prevented its use. Following rigorous performance and durability testing, the NS Gold™ catalyst has proven to be fully compliant with the current European vehicle emissions standards (Euro-5).

Dr Richard Holliday, Director, Technology at the World Gold Council, said:

“This is one of the most advanced and exciting applications of gold in technology, with the potential to address stricter legislation on reductions in engine emissions cost-effectively, while broadening the technological uses for gold. We look forward to continuing our strategic partnership with this cutting-edge, innovative company and sharing our expertise to help spur further progress in other technologies.”

Nanostellar, which was recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer in 2008, has led the way in the use of gold in diesel emission control systems and has been supported in its commercial application by the World Gold Council since its first investment in the company in late 2007.

Pankaj Dhingra, CEO of Nanostellar, commented:

“We welcome the continued support of the World Gold Council. The performance benefits, durability and manufacturability of NS Gold™ based diesel oxidation catalysts have now been proven. In addition, the application of Nanostellar’s materials design process, Rational Design, has provided us with a pipeline of exciting new materials that are undergoing durability tests. The World Gold Council’s continued support puts Nanostellar in a stronger position to accelerate the adoption of the NS Gold™ catalyst beyond our lead customers.”

In its recent publication, Gold : The hidden element in innovation, the World Gold Council describes how it helps to reduce the time it takes for gold-based innovations, like NS Gold™, to reach the market. The World Gold Council will continue to play a key role in the commercialisation and marketing of this and other gold-based technologies in the future.

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