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    The World Gold Council’s flagship conference series for asset management and investment professionals around the world

    Launched in 2018, our annual, invitation-only summits convene leading experts and influencers, driving important dialogues around key themes reshaping global finance, geopolitics, and economies. A global series, EVOLVE Investment Summits are currently hosted in the Americas, APAC, and China with a view to continued expansion into other markets.

    EVOLVE speakers represent a cross section of the world’s foremost thinkers. In the Americas, since inception of the conference in 2018, we’ve had the honor of hosting Michael Bloomberg, Steve Wozniak, Lloyd Blankfein, Dambisa Moyo, Alan Greenspan and Malcolm Gladwell, alongside leading Chief Investment Officers, ESG experts and political pundits.

    At our inaugural APAC event in 2021, speakers included Nicholas Nassim Taleb, originator of the “Black Swan” theory, Dr Deborah Elms, Founder and Executive Director, Asian Trade Centre and Steve Brice, CIO of Standard Chartered Bank. In China, EVOLVE was also launched in 2021 in partnership with CF Bond headlined by a keynote presentation from Dr. Ren Zeping, one of the most recognized economists in China.

    The EVOLVE Investment Summits is one example of how World Gold Council aims to deliver high-quality differentiated content to the professional investor community. Our Strategic Edge video series curates pithy real-time conversations with asset management thought leaders around key issues from portfolio allocations strategy to ESG.