2015 Gold Price Chart


Categories: Supply and demand, Investment

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  • Q1, 2015
  • 1
    15th Jan15th January
    SNB abandons the Swiss franc-euro peg
  • 2
    28th Feb28th February
    Indian announces three gold policy measures (Gold Monetisation Scheme, Sovereign Gold Bond and an Indian Gold Coin) in the 2015 budget
  • 3
    20th Mar20th March
    LBMA Gold Price replaces the London Gold Fixings
  • Q3, 2015
  • 4
    17th Jul17th July
    The People's Bank of China announces a 57% increase in gold reserves since 2009, up 604t to 1,658t
  • 5
    31st Jul31st July
    American Eagle sales hit 170,000oz, the highest level since April 2013
  • 6
    22nd Sep22nd September
    China National Gold Group Corporation becomes a member of the World Gold Council
  • Q4, 2015
  • 7
    28th Oct28th October
    Federal Reserve leaves Fed Fund rate unchanged
  • 8
    5th Nov5th November
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches ‘Indian Gold Coin’ and ‘Indian Gold Bullion’
  • 9
    16th Dec16th December
    Federal Reserve raises Fed Fund rate 0.25%, first rise in nearly a decade