Interactive gold price chart

For demand and supply data, please see Gold Demand Trends.


The gold prices used in this interactive chart are supplied by BullionDesk. This price is quoted in US dollars. Where the gold price is presented in currencies other than the US dollar, it is converted into the local currency unit using the foreign exchange rate at the time (or as close to as possible). For example, the London PM fix on 30th October 2013 was USD 1,354.75 and the price for one USD was EUR 0.726. The gold price in euro (EUR) would therefore be calculated as €984.10.1 Like all prices, the gold price reflects not only the inherent value of gold, but also the relative strength of the currency in which it is quoted. For example, the dollar price of gold may increase more in percentage terms than the sterling price of gold, to the extent that the change in price is a reflection of dollar weakness (in this case, against the euro) rather than an intrinsic change in gold market fundamentals. For this reason, our Investment Gold market statistics contain charts showing an index of the gold price in US dollars and local currency units as well as the relevant US dollar / local currency unit exchange rate for countries other than the United States. Public holidays in different countries do not always coincide and therefore the time series that are downloaded from our data providers may contain missing values for trading days in other countries. The approach taken in this regard is to replace the missing value with the most recent value. 1 You may not be able to replicate this calculation due to rounding.

Interactive chart help

This interactive chart provides price data in several currencies, frequencies and weight units. The first price series selected will be displayed in currency units on the primary vertical axis (left). The second series added will be displayed in currency units on the secondary vertical axis (right). Thereafter, price series will be zero-indexed to the first displayed date with the axis values displayed as cumulative % changes.


  • USD = US dollar
  • GBP = pound sterling
  • EUR = euro
  • AUD = Australian dollar
  • CAD = Canadian dollar
  • CHF = Swiss franc
  • JPY = Japanese yen
  • ZAR = South African rand
  • INR = Indian rupee
  • CNY = Chinese renminbi
  • HKD = Hong Kong dollar
  • MXN = Mexican peso


  • Oz = 1 troy ounce
  • Grammes = 0.032151 troy ounces
  • Kg = 32.150747 troy ounces
  • Tonnes = 32,150,7466 troy ounces
  • Tael = 1.203370 troy ounces
  • Tola = 0.374878 troy ounces

Data frequency

  • Optimised data at the following frequencies:
    • Between now and 5 years ago - daily
    • 5 years ago and 15 years ago - weekly
    • 15 years ago and 25 years ago - monthly
    • more than 25 years ago - quarterly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily, please note loading daily data will slow down the chart system.