Gold and climate change: Adaptation and resilience

‘Gold and Climate Change: The Energy Transition’ looks at gold mining’s energy transition and climate impacts over the next decade. This should provide investors and industry stakeholders with greater clarity around gold’s greenhouse gas emissions profile, the opportunities for the gold sector to decarbonise, and its potential pathway to net-zero, in line with Paris Agreement targets.

Gold Market Commentary

Gold fell 2% in October on rising bond yields and dollar strength, but it was positively impacted by higher breakeven inflation. But a weaker US dollar vs. euro and lower ETF outflows provided some support

International Reserves after the Russia Sanctions: A Role for Gold?

Financial sanctions imposed on Russia and specifically steps taken by a group of countries, led by the United States, to freeze the foreign reserves of the Bank of Russia are widely touted as auguring important changes in the international monetary and financial system. In this paper Prof. Barry Eichengreen asks whether one of these effects will be to enhance the international monetary and reserve role of gold.

Gold Market Commentary

Gold fell for the sixth consecutive month, dropping 2.6% to finish September at US$1,671.8/oz. It was a challenging month for most assets, with global equities down 9.5%, global bonds down 5.1% and commodities down 8.4%.

The use of gold in institutional portfolios

To better understand how investors are navigating this complex landscape, we partnered with Coalition Greenwich. They interviewed over 400 key decision makers at global investment institutions on their portfolio allocations and views on markets and gold.