The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic lockdowns have slashed global growth forecasts for 2020. 

With varied expectations around the speed of the economic recovery, we analyse the potential performance of gold across four hypothetical scenarios provided by Oxford Economics:1

1) swift recovery

2) US corporate crisis

3) emerging markets downturn

4) deep recession.

Our analysis shows that higher risk and uncertainty combined with lower opportunity cost will likely be supportive of gold investment demand in 2020. This could offset the negative effect of lower consumer demand on gold performance as economic activity contracts.

Gold’s behaviour thereafter may depend on the speed of the recovery and the duration of monetary policy and fiscal stimuli.. 


Gold valuation made easy

Gold does not fit within traditional valuation models. Without a coupon or dividend, typical discounted cash flow models fail, and there are no expected earnings or book-to-value ratios either. But our analysis shows that valuing gold is intuitive. Its equilibrium price is determined by the intersection of demand and supply. Understanding the underlying drivers and interactions of gold demand and supply gives investors a robust framework upon which to determine gold’s performance (Focus 1).

In particular, gold's behaviour can be explained by four broad sets of drivers:

  • Economic expansion: periods of growth are very supportive of jewellery, technology and long-term savings
  • Risk and uncertainty: market downturns often boost investment demand for gold as a safe haven
  • Opportunity cost: levels of interest rates and strength of currencies influence investor attitudes towards gold
  • Momentum: capital flows, positioning and price trends can ignite or dampen gold's performance.
Focus 1 - Diagram


Focus 1: QaurumSM – Your gateway to understanding gold performance

Qaurum is a web-based quantitative tool that helps investors intuitively understand the drivers of gold performance. Behind its user-friendly interface, Qaurum is powered by the Gold Valuation Framework (GVF): an academically validated methodology based on the principle that the price of gold and its performance are determined by the equilibrium between demand and supply. 

Accessible from, the World Gold Council’s data and research site, Qaurum allows investors to assess how gold might react across different economic environments in three easy steps:

  • select a hypothetical macroeconomic scenario provided by Oxford Economics, a leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis, or customise your own
  • generate forecasts of demand and supply (assuming no change in the gold price) and view the impact of key macro drivers on the balance of the gold market
  • calculate and visualise implied returns for gold that bring demand and supply back to balance.

Based on these, investors can use Qaurum to calculate the hypothetical performance of gold over five years as well as long-term returns implied by GVF and the available (or user-constructed) scenarios.

Additional details on GVF methodology can be found at

To review the scenarios in detail and their potential impact on gold, access Qaurum.

1Oxford Economics (OE) is a leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis and a specialist in modelling. Headquartered in Oxford, with offices around the world, OE employs 400 staff, including over 250 economists and analysts – making it the largest, independent forecaster.

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