RBS Reserve Management Trends 2012: Optimal gold allocation for emerging-market central banks

This chapter was first published by Central Banking Publications in their annual “RBS Reserve Management Trends”, in April 2012. The chapter address the question of how much gold emerging market central banks should be holding from a domestic currency perspective. It examines the performance of a typical central bank portfolio when denominated in nine emerging market currencies.

US case study: Enhancing commercial bank liquidity buffers with gold

As part of gold's growing financial usage the World Gold Council conducted a case study to examine gold's potential role on bank balance sheets as part of new liquidity buffers being discussed in global banking regulations within Basel III. The case study examines the effect of adding gold to the Basel III Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR).

The importance of gold in Reserve Asset management - video

The report examines how gold can help a central bank meet its foreign reserve management objectives. A portfolio optimiser is used to show that the efficient frontier of a typical developing or emerging market central bank can be enhanced by adding gold - in other words, a bank can enhance its risk-…