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  • Unearthed: On the Ground at the LBMA Conference
  • Unearthed: On the Ground at the LBMA Conference

    8 December, 2023

    In this special episode of "Unearthed," hosts John Reade and Joe Cavatoni from the World Gold Council take listeners to the London Bullion Market Association Conference in Barcelona. 

    “On the ground” at the LBMA Conference, they engage with several industry leaders, including Greg Shearer from J.P. Morgan, Nikos Kavalis of Metals Focus, Danielle Oliari of CNT, Ross Norman of Metals Daily, Bimal Das from BMO, and Jim Steel of HSBC. 

    The discussions revolve around two primary questions: the standout aspects of the gold market in 2023 and predictions for its trajectory in 2024. Insights reveal an emerging trend in the market, with experts sharing their unique perspectives and analysis.

    Note: Conference and recording took place in October 2023.