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  • The size and structure of the gold market

    11 May, 2023 05:22

    We published a new primer on #gold last week at the same time as #golddemandtrends

    "Gold Market Size and Structure"

    https://t.co/CHEvweEjJW https://t.co/WK4clZHwks

    I'll tweet out some of the highlights from the report for those too lazy to download it.

    Above: total stock of #gold above ground is about 209,000t.

    Below, the value of this stock. https://t.co/aCsiXGP3Ea

    Note that there are substantial quantities of OTC #gold derivative positions that are not included in this total as this information is not readily or reliably available.

    I find this graphic to be very useful when setting the scene about #gold demand.

    It demonstrates the diversity of demand and shows the relative strength of the categories (10-year averages). https://t.co/AYj6PlG5OZ

    And this graphic shows the diversity of supply.

    (note the bubbles are only approximately scaled - we couldn't get Europe into any sensible sized bubble as it's production is so tiny). https://t.co/g0AeaSOner

    Finally, #gold's proportion of Global Central Bank reserves is shown on this graphic. https://t.co/Nv2uWUjFpg

    Our #gold primers are a growing source of background information on the gold market and can be accessed on Goldhub here: