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  • Gold at all-time highs or not today?
  • Gold at all-time highs or not today?

    4 May, 2023 10:20

    #Gold at an all-time high today in USD terms?

    Or not?

    Gold has traded much higher today and you may see headlines that it hit an all-time high in US dollars.

    Although the active Comex future price hit an all-time high this morning, the spot (OTC) price did not. https://t.co/INjTLK754p

    My read - gold traded very close to its all-time USD highs, but according to Bloomberg data, the high spot print this morning is about $2063/oz vs. the all-time high of $2075.50 on 7 August 2020.

    Comex’s all-time high today was $2085.40 /oz for comparison.