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  • On Twitter: gold's recent performance

    19 April, 2023 10:26

    Spot #gold has fallen about $26/OZ so far today and is just below $1980/oz. https://t.co/5uvLpIIy2U

    The $USD has bounced off its recent lows, as this chart of #DXY shows... https://t.co/TqmCpSC39e

    And real yields are at the highest in a month, with US 10-year TIPS yields up to 1.31% https://t.co/OiHVXEcfKN

    As a reminder, the relationship between #gold and US Real Yields isn't broken, despite the divergence between these two line on this chart. #ChartCrime https://t.co/IcnW1Fn0k4

    The rolling correlation between #gold and real 10-year yields remains reasonably strongly negative and well within the range seen over the past 6 years.

    (but don't necessarily expect the gap on the previous chart to close: it might or might not). https://t.co/nKEVebr0iz

    Meanwhile US equities continue to edge higher with the S&P500 nearing a 6m high. https://t.co/Ho0c3Artx3

    From a longer term perspective, #gold is at the higher end of its 12m range, well above important moving averages and with a neutral RSI. https://t.co/itgA80iETH