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  • On Twitter: gold's recent movements

    9 August, 2021

    @JReade_WGC: I've been looking a bit more at the move in gold in Asia on Monday morning.

    Between 23:30 and 23:45 BST 17,538 contracts traded on Comex, low was $1677.90. Between 23:45 to Midnight a further 7,825 contracts traded and 5,705 in the 15 minutes that followed.

    Chart qTable 1



    What triggered the initial move lower in gold?

    It's hard to be sure but the dollar did open a little firmer than Friday's close.

    Chart 2

    Could the sell-off have been a 'fat finger' or something malicious? Either are possible.

    But its also possible that gold slipped lower as the dollar firmed, triggering stop-loss selling, which caused gold to slip lower, triggering more stops until the selling was exhausted.

    Based on the data I have available, its impossible to be sure. We do know that as of last Tuesday Net Managed Money positions in gold, although modest, stood at 331t or about 10moz.

    Chart 3

    And gross long Net Managed Money positions close to 15moz, so there was certainly the capacity for stop-loss selling from managed money accounts to sell gold.

    Chart 4

    We will get some more insight when the Change in #gold open interest is published for the move - and more still on Friday when the next CFTC COT data is released.

    Until then, only the CME can really know what was behind the move. Everything else is guesswork.

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