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  • From mine to market – gold’s untold story

    26 April, 2021

    Gold is all around us and it touches many aspects of our life, often without us even knowing it. It is hidden from view in all of our electronic devices, ensuring their reliable operation. It is in some of our most important medical devices, helping us to manage our healthcare better. It is even found in industrial settings as a key part of making some of the chemicals and products we all rely on. Simply put, gold is an essential industrial metal.

    The process of finding and producing gold also plays a vital role in society. Responsible gold miners make significant contributions to society by bringing jobs and opportunities to communities around the world. Last year we published a report “Gold Mining’s Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals”. This work described how World Gold Council Members are contributing to socio-economic development by highlighting four thematic areas: global partnerships; social inclusion; economic development and responsible energy use and environmental stewardship.

    Gold and gold mining have also both played a critical role in one of the biggest challenges society has ever faced; COVID-19. Gold powers the antigen and antibody tests which many countries are now relying on to identify outbreaks of the virus. It is also central to our need for connectivity; every time you Facetime your family, gold helps to connect you through the microchips in your phones, laptops and wireless infrastructure. World Gold Council members have also worked tirelessly to support their staff and communities through what has been one of the most challenging periods we have ever experienced.

    We have now brought some of these threads and stories together to launch mine to market – gold’s untold story which looks at the role gold plays in all of our lives. Explore our mine and community settings where we describe some of the innovations which are increasingly being found on a modern gold mine, and where in our homes, healthcare facilities and laboratories gold is being used to make our lives healthier, cleaner and more connected. We hope you enjoy the experience and, most importantly, learn something new and interesting about gold!

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