History of Gold - Records back to 1600

<p>To aid further research by scholars, journalists and all those interested in gold&rsquo;s monetary role, the World Gold Council commissioned a compilation of extracts from key historical documents from 1660 to 1999.</p>

<p>Citations are provided for every source so as to facilitate the reader&#39;s further research. These documents are therefore a valuable resource for researchers who seek even more in-depth knowledge of the history of gold.</p>

<p>Approximately 150 documents are divided into three sections that correspond roughly with the changing position of gold in the international economic system.</p>

<p><a href="/about-gold/history-of-gold/gold-as-money/history-of-gold-back-to-1600/the-rise-of-the-gold-standard">The Rise of the Gold Standard, 1660 - 1819</a></p>

<p><a href="/about-gold/history-of-gold/gold-as-money/history-of-gold-back-to-1600/the-heyday-of-the-gold-standard">The Heyday of the Gold Standard, 1820 - 1930</a></p>

<p><a href="/about-gold/history-of-gold/gold-as-money/history-of-gold-back-to-1600/after-the-gold-standard">After the Gold Standard, 1931 - 1999</a></p>