Retail Gold Investment Principles

The World Gold Council has created a set of principles for the retail gold market, the Retail Gold Investment Principles. These Principles are designed to set the bar for product providers across the market and further encourage retail investors to place their trust in gold. It is envisaged that greater trust will benefit customers and product providers alike, creating value and driving demand across the retail gold industry.

The Principles are aimed primarily at the providers of unregulated gold investment products, encouraging best practice, so that customers can feel confident in this important market segment.

We believe that the retail gold industry will only fulfil its potential if it is trusted by investors. Alignment with the Principles and implementation of best practice are key to fostering that trust.

Invitation to take part in a consultation on the Retail Gold Investment Principles 

The World Gold Council is calling for interested parties to submit their feedback to the draft Retail Gold Investment Principles. We would welcome responses to the questions set out in our online survey available through the link below.

We value broad industry input in the development of these Principles. Through this external consultation, we aim to reach a wide range of stakeholders amongst the retail gold industry including product providers, trade associations and industry/regulatory bodies.

Following external consultation, the World Gold Council  will publish the Principles and, in parallel, initiate an extensive period of market engagement to agree how the Principles should be operationalised on a region by region basis and in alignment with localised market models and best practices.  

How to respond

The World Gold Council welcomes feedback on the Retail Gold Investment Principles using the online survey available through the link below. 

This survey is now closed. The deadline for feedback was Friday 1st May 2020

Download the draft Retail Gold Investment Principles to use as a reference while you complete the survey

Retail Gold Investment Principles