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  • How can gold mining contribute to better lives? Kinross Gold explains

    14 April, 2021

    Last year we launched a new report, Gold Mining’s Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), looking at the meaningful progress our Members are making towards social and economic development.

    We spoke to Kinross Gold Corporation about their achievements and aspirations when it comes to contributing to the SDGs and heard first-hand from those working on the ground who are impacting and improving the lives of many.

    What is it like to grow up around a gold mine and what benefits might such an upbringing bring? We asked Ed Opitz, Senior Vice President Safety & Sustainability at Kinross, who told us about the positive impact that mining has had on his life and what the gold mining sector is doing to create better well-being in the communities surrounding a mine site.

    At Kinross’ Tasiast mine in Mauritania, the company has put increased focus on helping women in the surrounding communities. Hapsatou Bal, Head of Community Relations, spoke to us about how the development of women’s cooperatives is helping women establish themselves within the communities and how tis programme is contributing to SDG 2 (no poverty) and 5 (gender equality). Kinross has been helping these women with training and educational programmes from teaching them how to sow to helping them learn business skills. Through these initiatives women are now contributing in the same way as men to the economic development of their communities.

    In Ghana, Kinross has a mine in Chirano where we spoke with Eunice Donkoh, Senior Community Relations Office, who explained to us that through Kinross’ efforts now 100 percent of the communities surrounding the mine are connected to the grid compared to 72 percent, contributing to SDG 7 (clean and affordable energy). This has really benefited children who now have the opportunity to study at home in the evening which is helping with their education.

    Kinross is contributing to the SDGs in a myriad of ways and to hear first-hand from Ed, Hapsatou and Eunice, please watch the video below.