Gold jewellery design

Gold’s unique physical properties, its radiance and malleability, its purity and untarnishable nature, have proved an irresistible combination for jewellery designers all over the world. Over the centuries, goldsmiths and highly skilled artisans have infused gold with their own unique talents, creativity and passion. The result has been the extraordinary variety of gold jewellery that exists today. A fusion of local artistry and urban chic, symbolism and expressiveness, and finely honed techniques culminates in extraordinary pieces.

Today innovation is not confined to any one market; the most beautifully crafted piece is as likely to emerge from Amritsar as it is from Arezzo. The intrinsic value of gold today has driven elite designers to both reinvent the classics and take gold design in starkly new directions, elevating its preciousness. There is no centre for gold jewellery anymore. Just as Italy offers up a source of design inspiration for China, so China now inspires other markets and other jewellers, too. And so the process of creation and reaction carries on.

Tapping into this new trade in gold, the exchange of brilliance rather than bullion, the World Gold Council has created a digital platform: LoveGold.  It is simply a place to discover the most beautiful gold jewellery being made, desired, given and worn today.  We invite you to step into this world and discover the best that gold can be. 

The latest from LoveGold:

Masculine meets feminine in fall’s most arresting trend in a photo shoot exclusively for LoveGold.