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China’s gold market: progress and prospects

Explore the factors that have driven China’s rise to become the number one producer and consumer of gold and why the market will continue to expand, irrespective of short term blips in the economy.

Gold Investor, Volume 5

This edition of our quarterly report includes: I. Hedging EM risks? Think gold; II. Can gold replace bonds in balancing equity risk?; III. A perspective on gold as a hedge in an expanding financial system.


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Gold Demand Trends, Full Year 2013

Gold demand of 3,756.1 tonnes in 2013 was worth US$170.4bn. Consumers generated exceptional levels of demand, with jewellery at its highest since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008 and investment in small bars and coins hitting a record high.

Interactive Responsible Gold Sourcing tool

Understand the gold supply chain using our interactive Responsible Gold Sourcing tool, illustrating the economic contribution of large-scale mining and the possibilities it creates.

Gold for health

Gold is at the heart of simple, reliable tests that detect malaria and many other diseases.

The direct economic impact of gold

Overall, in 2012, at least US$210 billion of value was created by the gold industry and added to global GDP.