Global gold jewellery market

Rooted deeply in a diverse tapestry of cultural traditions, the aspiration to own and give gold in the form of jewellery transcends generations and national boundaries.

The three largest markets for gold jewellery, China, India and the US, each accord the metal a unique cultural significance. Acquiring jewellery is connected to celebrations, relationships, self-expression and hopes for the future in these countries.  

As at the end of 2012, demand for jewellery makes up nearly half of global demand for gold, of which 56 per cent comes from India and China. These are markets which share a fundamental belief that gold is auspicious and an enduring store of value, making gold an ideal gift to mark festivals and weddings. But beyond this, a new generation of consumers are discovering innovative designs created by talented goldsmiths, who are giving gold a new fashionability and relevance.

In the US, gold also remains at the centre of the wedding ritual, and consumers continue to invest in gold engagement rings and wedding bands—a market worth more than US$9.7 billion.

In these major markets, the World Gold Council acts at the heart of the industry, opening possibilities for the most talented craftsmen to inspire new generations. Our programmes support designers as they begin to innovate using gold, and bring the most beautiful modern craftsmanship to both the traditional and digital retail environments.