Gold Facts and History

Facts about gold

How far can one ounce of gold stretch? What is gold’s boiling point? How big was the largest gold coin ever minted? Where is the largest source of gold in the world? Who gave his soldiers a golden reward for victory in war?

Find out these and more fascinating facts about gold. 

About gold jewellery

Gold Facts and History - About gold jewellery

White, yellow, pink, green ... Mixing other metals with gold – the process of alloying - changes its colour. Learn about the metal composition of different colours of gold jewellery.

The purity of gold in alloys can be expressed in ‘karatage’ or ‘fineness’, which may be stamped into a gold jewellery items. However, minimum purity standards, consumer preferences relating to fineness, and marking requirements vary significantly around the world. 

Gold market data

Gold Facts and History - Gold market data

Our analysis for nine countries and the Euro area includes domestic equities, regional equities (in the case of Europe), international equities (ex-Europe) and international bonds (both in domestic currency terms).

Country files contain: price performance, volatility, correlation matrices, rolling correlation chart, rolling volatility chart, exchange rate effect chart, gold and local equity index price chart.  One analytical file is devoted to comparative analysis of commodities.