Why invest in gold

Gold has unique properties as an asset class. The diversity of gold-backed and gold-related products means that gold can be used to enhance a wide variety of individual investment strategies and risk tolerances.

Our analysis shows that gold can be used in portfolios to protect global purchasing power, reduce portfolio volatility and minimise losses during periods of market shock.

It can serve as a high-quality, liquid asset when selling other assets would cause losses. 

China’s gold market: progress and prospects

Explore the factors that have driven China’s rise to become the number one producer and consumer of gold and why the market will continue to expand, irrespective of short term blips in the economy.

Featured report: Gold Investor

In this edition of our quarterly research report on the benefits of gold, we analyse its effectiveness as a risk mitigating strategy, particularly relevant in today’s interconnected global economy.

The latest edition (Volume 5, March 2014) includes three articles:

I. Hedging EM risks? Think gold

II. Can gold replace bonds in balancing equity risk?

III. A perspective on gold as a hedge in an expanding financial system

Interactive gold price chart

View graphs and spreadsheets of daily, monthly and annual gold prices in different currencies.

Our interactive price chart can be used to create a sharable pdf or image charting the gold price in up to 12 currencies, by six measures of volume and from 1970 to the present day. 

Our investment initiatives

We work with best-in-class financial services providers to develop and launch new gold investment products and educate investors and advisors.

Our initiatives, which create and sustain demand for gold investment products, include pioneering gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), launching gold-backed savings plans through commercial banks and investing in a platform for online trade in physical gold.