Gold Demand Trends full year 2014

Gold Demand Trends Q3 2014

The World Gold Council’s leading industry publication on gold demand trends, analysed by both sector and geography for the full year 2014.

Featured report: Investment Commentary

Investment - Featured report: Investment Commentary

This latest edition examines gold’s performance year-to-date and explores relevant macroeconomic factors that can influence gold’s performance into Q4 2014.

In our view, there are four main reasons investors should view gold as a valuable portfolio component today:

  • Positive economic growth is supportive of gold’s long-term demand
  • Rising interest rates do not necessarily push gold prices down
  • Gold’s cost effectiveness makes it an attractive portfolio hedge compared to other strategies
  • Constraints in mine production and falling gold recycling have kept the market in balance.

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Gold Investor

Investment - Gold Investor

On this edition of our quarterly research journal we analyse gold’s positive link to economic growth; explore its value as a tail-risk hedge comparing it to other hedging strategies; and discuss the impact that ETFs have had on the gold market since they were first introduced.

The latest edition (Volume 7, September 2014) includes three articles:

I. The growth dividend: how rising GDP lifts gold consumer demand

II. A practical hedge: less exotic, multipurpose, lower cost

III. Ten years of gold ETFs: a wider and more efficient market

Why invest in gold

Gold has unique properties as an asset class. The diversity of gold-backed and gold-related products means that gold can be used to enhance a wide variety of individual investment strategies and risk tolerances.

Our analysis shows that gold can be used in portfolios to protect global purchasing power, reduce portfolio volatility and minimise losses during periods of market shock.

It can serve as a high-quality, liquid asset when selling other assets would cause losses. 

China’s gold market: progress and prospects

Investment - China’s gold market: progress and prospects

Explore the factors that have driven China’s rise to become the number one producer and consumer of gold and why the market will continue to expand, irrespective of short term blips in the economy.