Gold Demand Trends Q2 2015

Investment - Gold Demand Trends Q2 2015

The World Gold Council’s leading industry publication on gold demand trends, analysed by both sector and geography for the second quarter 2015. Download the latest issue

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Developing Indian Hallmarking

Investment - Developing Indian Hallmarking

The World Gold Council has conducted a study to assess  the current state of hallmarking in India.

Our intention was threefold:

  • To evaluate the existing hallmarking system
  • To stimulate debate around how best to strengthen hallmarking processes
  • To demonstrate the benefits of an effective hallmarking infrastructure. 

Download the report to learn more.

Featured report: Investment Commentary

Investment - Featured report: Investment Commentary

Despite economic uncertainty in some regions, the gold price declined in the first half of 2015. While puzzling to some investors, this is consistent with market expectations that the risks could be contained. We believe that the gold price already reflects a possible rate hike later this year and that the US-centred perspective is missing a more comprehensive view of the market.

This latest edition of our Investment Commentary examines gold’s year-to-date performance and explores the potential tailwinds and headwinds it may face during H2 2015:

  • Current market risks seem to be contained to either a sector or a region, but a prolonged environment of low rates has increased risk exposure globally
  • Volatility in the US stock market remains relatively tame and, historically, these periods are good opportunities for investors to buy portfolio protection
  • While higher US interest rates may put pressure on the gold price, economic growth is not necessarily bad for gold and its strategic role in portfolios.

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Featured report: Gold Investor

Investment - Featured report: Gold Investor

In this edition of Gold Investor (Volume 8, March 2015), we take a closer look at gold’s performance and relevance for investors in the current environment, paying close attention to:

  • Gold in a rising dollar environment

In addition, we discuss:

  • The factors that drive gold
  • The relationship between gold and US interest rates.

Why invest in gold

Gold has unique properties as an asset class. The diversity of gold-backed and gold-related products means that gold can be used to enhance a wide variety of individual investment strategies and risk tolerances.

Our analysis shows that gold can be used in portfolios to protect global purchasing power, reduce portfolio volatility and minimise losses during periods of market shock.

It can serve as a high-quality, liquid asset when selling other assets would cause losses. 

China’s gold market: progress and prospects

Investment - China’s gold market: progress and prospects

Explore the factors that have driven China’s rise to become the number one producer and consumer of gold and why the market will continue to expand, irrespective of short term blips in the economy.